pics from past events! 

Thanks to everyone for supporting 2nd Friday night out!

Best of Show Winner Jay Nixon
April 2nd Friday
Come say hi to Jay next month and check out more of his amazing fantasy paintings.


The Tiny Farmer
Winner of Best of Show January 2015
Congratulations to Chauntey Edwards and Claudia De Cicco on winning this month’s award and on the clever original designs for children which they silkscreen onto onsies, t-shirts, leggings, and scarves.  Check them out at 2nd Friday or order on their website,

Sam Nielsen!  Creative Coins.
Winner of Best of Show December 2014.
Using US and foreign coins, Sam Nielsen creates beautiful hand cut pendents. 

Darkness Dear Boy

King MC

Mahogany  Birds

Taylor wins the AXL Mayhem Guitar Give-away!

IMP Fest Rocks into the night!

Enjoy our posters from the past great events!